How To Start Blogging in 2020: [Best Blogging Tips For Beginners]

Here I am going to share with you an in depth step by step blogging blueprint.

Blogging : Mind Map

The  best way to start your own blog post is just to start writing from today and follow the steps which I am going to share with you in this blog post.

Blogging is not rocket science, it’s just a writing skill that you may learn and develop over a period of time. And the best way to develop this skill is to start writing, write at least 200-300 words on daily basis. 

Blogs are your thoughts and views about anything or any subject (topic), which you do share with people by writing in your own words. It can be about any niche idea (subject/topic/ area of interest) as you may write about Travelling, Food & restaurants, Digital Marketing, SEO, Health & Fitness, Mental Health, Artificial Intelligence, etc. whatever ideas come to your mind you can write about that. This is the beauty of blogging. 

A blog website is not only a medium to share your thoughts with others, it’s also a foundation of your future business and most important ” It’s your Personal Brand “. 

Personal Brand

Further in this blog I’ll walk you through the step by step process to step up your own first blog website. And I am confident that after reading this complete article you would be ready to write your own first blog post from the day one.  



How to start a blog !

I know you may have many questions in your mind about blogging.

  • What is a blog post or blogging?
  • How can I start a blog post?
  • Who can do blogging?
  • Does blogging require very professional English with heavy vocabulary?
  • How to create a website for blogging?
  • How to write a good blog post?

Questions about blogging

And many more… So don’t worry, all these sorts of questions will be covered in this blog post and this post will definitely help you to get an idea of how you can write your own blog post with a positive mindset and confidence.


Are you excited to start your own blog website?

Ok!  then

Now it’s time to make your doubts clear so that you would feel more confident. Let’s get started one by one. 

What is Blogging?

Write an article about any topic or subject in your niche by considering your visitors or people for whom you are writing the content to help them and provide value from your content is a blog post, which you may publish on your own website or some other free blogging websites. For example, & (These are open free platforms from where beginners can start at least to gain some confidence and experience ). Blogging is a writing skill that you can learn & develop gradually over a period of time to become a good & professional blogger, but it’s not necessary to be a professional to write about anything.

As I told you at the beginning of the article that blogging is just sharing your views, thoughts & ideas with the world, in your own words. You can write about any niche or subject, which you like most & may write as many blogs about it. And the most important thing which matters is your interest in that subject or niche until you will not enjoy your work then it won’t work for the long run.  So start writing a blog about what you love the most or like to do. For e.g – If you do enjoy traveling or exploring new places then you may go for the traveling blog, where you can share your own views & thoughts about that places, culture, food, people, etc.

As many bloggers write blog posts just as a diary to share their thoughts with other people and sometimes write to help people by considering their problems or pain points, they write about their experiences, expertise to help others who are really looking for such kind of advice on the search engines, social networking groups, forums (For example- Quora, Pinterest, Facebook groups & many more).

If you are reading this blog then it means you’re interested in blogging or might be don’t know how to start & from where to start. This is exactly the purpose of this blog to help you to create your own blogging website. But if you want to be a professional blogger and are serious to make a long-term career or future in it. Then you have to be consistent in writing a blog post in your niche.

How can I start blogging?

This blog post is self-explanatory and answers your question. Please read the whole article till the end & then definitely you would understand the concept and can start your own blog post.

Who can do blogging?

Hope you love to hear that Anyone can do blogging

Yes! Anyone can start blogging.

It doesn’t require any specific qualification, age, professional degree, office, or workplace. It just needs a laptop or desktop computer & Internet connection and your thoughts to write better content.

It only requires your interest, knowledge, experience, and passion but it also doesn’t mean that if you are not an expert then you cannot write, you may do some research about that particular subject, get some information, learn about it and update your knowledge. Then write something valuable and good to serve your audience in a better way. 

Does blogging requires very professional English with heavy vocabulary?

It is not necessary that you should be good in English or you should have a sound knowledge of heavy vocabulary and grammar. Only required whatever you write, your audience (readers) can understand.

That’s it!

But yes, if you are going to write a blog as a professional writer then somewhere it requires that you should avoid grammatical mistakes.

Write as you talk, I mean blogging is just like you are talking to someone or trying to make him understand by your words. Use as simple and easy words by that anyone can understand what you want to tell or share with them.

As you can feel that in this whole blog post I have written my words as I am talking to you face to face.

Even you can write articles or blog posts in the Hindi language, hope you have seen many blogs articles in Hindi also. So there is nothing wrong with HINDI & English, the only need is to get start your blog post

Be an Action Taker! 

How to create a website for blogging?

Now here it’s a little bit technical, but don’t worry, I am here to guide you and will cover these technical parts in a separate blog. Yet only you need to understand the term Domain & Hosting and what is it’s used in website creation that’s it. To create a blog website you requires a few below mention things: 

  • Select your Domain Name or website name (For ex: and buy from the domain service provider –, etc.
  • Get hosting from a hosting company (Hosting is a place on the internet to launch your website or server)-, etc.
  • Install WordPress from ( It’s an open-source, simplest content management system and the most popular way to create your website. Even this website is also created on WordPress.
  • Customize your WordPress.
  • Now start writing your blog article or blog post.

How to write a good blog article?

There is nothing good or bad, the only purpose of the blog is to communicate your thoughts with your audience or people with whom you are going to share your thoughts and it could create value in their life or help them in resolving their problems. And for a good blog article, write as you talk.

If we talk about how to write better content then here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Find out the right niche or topic.
  • Do some market research to figure out that your niche is good to write for the long run, will you monetize it in the future, how can you generate revenue from it. Let’s suppose, if your hobby or interest is listening to music then it won’t help you to generate income but if you have a hobby or passion for singing then you can monetize it. You could, join any musical band, create your own youtube channel, can teach others the tips of singing, etc. And this would help you to earn some income also.
  • Blog or article has not been created. It has to be assembled together.
  • Write as you talk.
  • Read books and other blogs about your niche to get more information.
  • If you read well, you can write better.
  • Make habit of note-taking.
  • Your notes are your future content.
  • Make notes of Inspirations, Ideas, Information that helps people and resolve their problems.
  • Assemble all the notes, write in small bunches or paragraphs of 100-200 words at a time.

How to start writing a blog post or Article (Guiding Tips)?

Structure of the Article (Blog post)
  • Write an Awesome Headline: The headline should be clear and build curiosity. You can use some headline generator tools to generate good headlines.
  1. Portent Content Idea Generator
  2. Co-Schedule
  3. HubSpot
  • Write Introduction: Writing a clear introduction is very important to hook your visitor to read the entire article.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while writing an Introduction.

  1. Give an overview of the article.
  2. How it is beneficial for them.
  3. Ask the problems or questions.
  4. Tell them that you have the solution & answer their queries.
  • Write a post (Body of the Article):

 Now here you can write the article on your niche by considering all the points & tips as I explained above in my post.

You can also do your own research, write whatever you learned, use your notes, and assembled all the information to create a better blog post. 

  • Conclusion of the article:

In this section, you have to summarize what you have written in the whole article and encourage people or visitors to read your next blog article if any. And also ask them to give their feedback or comments, by that you can write more effectively and provide better content for them.

So I hope this blog post helps you to understand the key points and basic requirements, to start with your own blog website.

If you want to get some experience in blogging, then follow these above steps and write a short 700 to 800 words article and post it on,, and you can also write on your social networking platforms-, any Facebook groups, etc. If you like you may join my Facebook group –Gaurav’s Helping Community and start sharing your thoughts in the group.

Please let me know in the comment section if this post helps you to understand the concepts of blogging.

Your valuable feedback will motivate me to create more better content for you in my future blog posts.

All the best for your blogging journey!


Gaurav Saklani


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